Private Aircraft coming to WOW




Please note changes have been made to information since October 2019.


This information is for owners of private aircraft, jets and helicopters who wish to attend the Airshow, from New Zealand or overseas.

NOTAMS and the AIP Supplement will be available nearer the Airshow to ensure you have the latest information to fly in. 

Your aircraft park is at the end of the runway 11.  'Follow Me' will lead you there.  Walk 400m to the entrance where you can purchase tickets for the Airshow.

All private aircraft must adhere to these times to fly in (noting that daylight saving will have finished):

  • Prior to Thursday - anytime

  • Thursday 9th April - prior to 0945, then between 1205 and 1400 and after 1715 NZST

  • Friday 10th April - prior to 0945, then between 1205 and 1400 and after 1615 NZST     

  • Saturday and Sunday (Airshow days) - before 0930 arrival and departure after 1630 or when the Airshow finishes. 


Private Helicopters can drop off individuals at the Private Aircraft Parking area on Airshow days. Then clients should walk through Car Park A and purchase a ticket at the Airshow gate.

Tarmac parking is available for private jets however you must notify us on or Dave Lumsden (021 768 763) prior, to ensure we have room.



Wanaka Airfield Location

The location of the Warbirds Over Wanaka Airshow is at Wanaka Airfield, 1.5nm to the west of Luggate centred on position S 44o 43’20’’ and  E 169o 14’44’’


Wanaka Airfield Operational Layout

Two parallel runways, one sealed 1200m x 30m and one grass runway 960m x 30m both oriented 295o M/115o M

At the Eastern end only, at the threshold of runway 29, there is a minimum of 100m of under/overshoot load bearing surface at the end of the sealed runway. 

Caution:  At the western end of the grass runway, a boundary (post & wire) fence exists as close as 30m from the end of the prepared grass surface.


Alternate Airfields

Queenstown Airport.  Is situated 28NM SW of Wanaka. It has a sealed runway 1890m x 30m oriented 23/05 and a grass runway 944m x 60 m oriented 14/32.  Elevation is 1171 feet AMSL.   Queenstown has air traffic control, navigation aids and rescue/fire services.

Cromwell Racecourse Aerodrome.  Is situated 20NM S of Wanaka. It has two grass runways around the edge of the racecourse, the longer being 1020m x 60m oriented 18/36 and the shorter being 830m x 60m oriented 09/27.  Elevation is 745 feet AMSL.

Landing prohibited on 09 and take-off prohibited on 27 due to obstructions.  The airfield is uncontrolled.

Alexandra Aerodrome. Is situated 30NM SE of Wanaka.  It has two parallel runways; the sealed runway is 1200m x 30m and the grass runway is 1200m x 60m.  Both are orientated 14/32.  Elevation is 752 feet AMSL.  The airfield is unattended.  Caution:  The grass surface is rough.

Omarama Aerodrome. Is situated 35NM NE of Wanaka.  It has a grass runway 1387m x 60m orientated 09/27.  Elevation is 1380 feet AMSL.  The airfield is unattended.  Caution:  Glider operations seven days a week and poor braking on grass after irrigation.


Wanaka Airfield Facilities

Aircraft fuel will be supplied by Air BP or Z Energy and maintenance facilities are available at the Airfield.


Radio Frequency


 120.1 MHz ”Wanaka RADIO” to be used for joining communications and ground movements.



A temporary restricted area will be prescribed to facilitate the safety of air navigation as follows:


All that airspace, radius 7NM, centred on S 44 43 20.0, E 169 14 44.0 (Wanaka Aerodrome).

Upper limit:

9500ft AMSL

Lower limit:



0800 to 1800 THU 9 APR 20 NZST

0800 to 1800 FRI 10 APR 20 NZST

0800 to 1800 SAT 11 APR 20 NZST

0800 to 1800 SUN 12 APR 20 NZST

0800 to 1400 MON 13 APR 20 NZST

or as advised by NOTAM.

Flight Information Service 


Will be provided by Airways NZ from Thursday through to Monday midday.

Flight Service hours

0800 to 1000, 1200 to 1400 and 1600 to 1800 THU 9 APR 20 NZDT

0800 to 1000, 1200 to 1300 and 1500 to 1700 FRI 10 APR 20 NZDT

0800 to 0930 and 1630 to 1800 SAT 11 APR 20 NZDT

0800 to 0930 and 1630 to 1800 SUN 12 APR 20 NZST

0800 to 1400 MON 13 APR 20 NZST

or as advised by NOTAM.

Map showing Wanaka Airport layout

cropped airport map for website private aircraft



Tarmac parking is available for jets, however you must notify us of your intention to park at the Airshow.  There is very limited space and approval will need to be given 3-4 weeks prior to the Airshow.  Please advise Mandy on or 64 3 443 8619.



Are able to land at Wanaka Airport's Private Aircraft Park at anytime until Friday morning 9.30am.  Thereafter caution is required for Airshow practise sessions and traffic must cease by 9.30am on Saturday and Sunday and until 4.30pm both these Airshow days.

Then walk through to the passenger access ticket gate to the Airshow (3).


Below are the Inbound and Outbound helicopter tracks into Wanaka Airport and take off and landing manoeuvres required.

Helipad track in.out Wanaka Airport 2018 smaller 

Helicopter TLOF wow 2018 smaller3