Schools Programme

Friday 29th March 2024


Warbirds Over Wanaka International Airshow presents our Schools Programme for 2024 and we are delighted to invite students to participate. All students aged 0-16 are FREE to attend on Friday 29th March 2024.

One of Warbird's fundamental objectives is the education of young New Zealanders about our country’s aviation history. We aim to inspire young people to take an active interest in all facets of aviation at the Airshow.


This year we are excited to welcome the Royal New Zealand Air Force to present School to Skies: On the Road.

This programme travels all around the country and is a fully interactive hands on experience:

  • We bring with us a general aviation sized aircraft and provide an opportunity for hands on maintenance/engineering and the exploration of how things work;

  • We introduce aviation-based science – the theory of flight (lift generation and the four forces, the three axis of control and primary flight control surfaces etc.) in a super fun and engaging way;

  • We bring a variety of training aids with us including a wind tunnel, a standalone gas turbine engine (or a 3D printed sectioned model) model aircraft, jigsaw puzzle planes, uniforms and much more. 

  • Our mobile program can cater for children of all ages and is designed to be a unique and fun learning experience that builds confidence and fosters curiosity.


We invite all students and parents to join the Air Training Corps, 50th (Alexandra) Squadron Cadets on short tours running every half an hour from 9am until 12pm on the 29th March. The meeting point for the tours is outside the Warbirds Over Wanaka Event Office, straight ahead of the main entrance at Gate 1.

The tours will visit:

  • The RNZAF and other visiting Air Forces, who will provide an opportunity to learn about modern aircraft used in the Air Forces today. Students will also meet some of the men and women who work in the Air Force and have a look at future careers for themselves.

  • The School to Skies exhibit.

  • The Future of Aviation hangar.

  • Sport Aircraft Display of microlights, homebuilts, replicas, sport aircraft projects and much more….

  • Special vehicle exhibits, stationary engines and the Warhorse (military re-enactors) display. 

Whilst on the tour, the Air Cadets will be available to answer any questions about the training they receive and their exciting activities.  After the tour, students and parents are free to wander around the Airshow and visit the market stalls, aviation trade and training stands and taste the delicious goodies on the food stalls. Many aircraft will also be practising their flight displays so students also need to keep their eyes on the sky!

PROCESS - Yet to be finalised, details will be available soon.


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