2010 Airshow


News & Features 

The star attraction for 2010 was the A6M3 Japanese Zero, one of only three Zeros flying in the world. Deployed in battle on Guadalcanal it was amongst 353 aircraft launched from aircraft carriers during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.

The Spitfire, Corsair, P40 Kittyhawks, Mustangs, Harvards and Catalina along with the Yak 3 and Lavochkin LA-9 provided a brilliant display of Warbirds during the airshow. For the second time since the end of WWII the crowd heard the sound of the Kittyhawk's six x.50 inch machine guns in action.

Peggy Krainz, German wing walker and stunt woman, was brought especially from Germany with husband Friedrich and their Boeing Stearman E75 to perform wing walking feats, sometimes upside down to thrill the crowds.

The programme featured stunning aerobatics from Yurgis Kairys in his Yuka, the Harvard Formation Aerobatics, Yak 52's Soviet trainers, the Vampires and L39 Albatros. Helicopter displays by the RNZAF and Eurocopter New Zealand delighted the crowds.

The Airfield was under siege with fireballs lighting up the sky from a sneak attack by enemy airborne troops and light bombers. Our defending fighters scrambled to protect the airfield assisted by local militia forces.

The Royal Australian Airforce's four F/A-18 Hornets provided two outstanding displays each day with their speed and maneuverability.

On the ground the military Warhorses, static aircraft displays, aircraft for sale and Aviation Trade stands provided plenty of activity for those wanting a break from the aircraft above.



Friday 2nd April

Warbird, Civil and Military aircraft conduct practice displays in preparation for the following two days events.

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th April

Morning Programme 

Show opens with the noise and drama of a pair of low flying, high speed fighters.
Tiger Moth aerobatics followed by Helicopter display
Soviet Trainers - Yak 52s perform formation and aerobatic routines.
Jurgis Kairys – the wild Lithuanian
Royal Australian Air Force: The supersonic multi role F/A-18 Hornet makes its first appearance at Wanaka and demonstrates its ground attack capability.
Zero solo display
Wing Walker – Peggy Krainz in a daring aerial performance
The Pilot Maker – one of the greatest military trainers ever built – massed formation flypast and display by up 14 Harvards.
Spitfire solo – Tribute to Group Captain Al Deere.

Lunchtime Entertainment 

Model Aircraft Display by Frazer Briggs.
Tiger Moth Air Race
Flypast by Dominie x 2, Fox Moth, Dragonfly etc
Warhorse Display – Military Re-enactment.
Racing Jurgis 

Afternoon Programme

Royal New Zealand Air Force: Displays by C130 Hercules, P-3 Orion, Helicopters, Kiwi Blue Parachute Team, Sea Sprite.
Mixed RNZAF and Warbird flypast.
Yak 3, La-9 and L-39 show off the brilliance of Russian and Eastern bloc design with formation and handling displays.
European scenario – A re-enactment of a typical airborne assault from the European Theatre, WWII.
Para troopers drop from a DC3 under the protection of allied fighters. Allied artillery fires in support. Handling displays by DC 3 and P51s.
Royal Australian Air Force: The mighty F18s return for a thunderous formation handling display.
Pacific Theatre Display –Corsair, Kittyhawks, Zero, Catalina.
Re-enactment of a dogfight between a RNZAF P40 and a Japanese Zero and the live demonstration firing of the P40s guns.
Jetabatics - Vampire and L39 Albatros perform close formation and aerobatic routines. The P51 joins the fun!  
Mock Attack sequence – up to 12 Harvards, 6 Yaks, and 9 Fighters with ground pyrotechnics and Warhorse action.
Fighter Finale – The fighter aircraft join formation for a final massed flypast and tribute to our veterans.