Ground Programme

Open from 7.30am to 5pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Warbirds Over Wanaka is proud to supplement our ground programme with aviation trade stands, static display aircraft, market stalls and much more.  More information will be added once displays are finalised.


The Future of Aviation

The Future of Aviation exhibition is a new initiative for Airshow organisers.  There's a huge amount of work going on around the world on new propulsion technologies and we felt it was time for our visitors to be able to learn more about what's happening from the people at the forefront of these developments here in New Zealand. 

Exhibitors include Wisk, an independent company backed by The Boeing Company and Kitty Hawk Corporation.  Wisk flies an autonomous eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft, designed for passenger use. 

Other exhibitors will be announced soon.


Aircraft for Sale

A number of leading aircraft manufacturers are at Wanaka to show off their new aircraft.  This is your chance to see the best and brightest of new aircraft (helicopters also) being produced around the world.  Come and see their new technologies and their stunning workmanship.  If you ever thought you might like to purchase an aircraft, now is the time to have a look.

Sport Aircraft Display

Sport aircraft, including gyrocopters, RANS, Piper Cubs, Hornets, replicas and percentage scale aircraft will be displayed in their own hangar and on the ground.


Static Aircraft Displays

To be listed here once the programme is determined.


Aviation Trade Stands

Aviation trade stands will offer everything from headsets, electronic flight bags, aviation radios, audio and flight data recorders and industrial adhesives. Also aviation tours and aviation safety. If you're in aviation come and find out what's new, where you could be adding value to your aircraft.  For the rest of us, just check out what brilliant new technologies are available.

Market Stands

There is much here for the families and that Easter shop.  From outdoor clothing, giftware, jewellery, cowhides, steel art, books, hats and dog tags to name a few.... always a good selection and variety to keep you amused when you need a break from the aircraft overhead.  Earmuffs and more will also be available.

Wanaka Warhorses 

Since the first Warbirds Over Wanaka Airshow in 1988, military vehicles have been an integral part of the Airshow, forming an interactive display with the aircraft stars.  In 1996 the Warhorses at Wanaka group was formed, covering all interests in the field of military vehicles.  Now the group also involves historical re-enactments giving the military vehicles the image of the time in history to which they belonged.  Re-enactment enthusiasts come from all over New Zealand with authentic uniforms and weapons to give the restored vehicles a touch of realism.  Watch their mighty 25-pounder guns when they display at lunchtime on the runway. It is hoped the Warhorse display will bring back memories of the past and be a learning experience to the young generations, lucky enough to not have had the experience of war.

Our favourite re-enactors are once again displaying vehicles, armaments, uniforms, tanks, jeeps, trucks and guns from WWI and WWII.  See them near the Main Airport gate and on the runway at lunchtime.

Food & Beverage Stalls  

Scrumptious food and beverages are available with Central Otago delicacies and the Region's Wine and Beer. 

Around 45 food stalls with a huge variety of offerings and of course the real coffees.   

Vehicle Display

Details will be added nearer to the 2022 Airshow.

Stationary Engines

Wanaka is famous for its stationary engines which line the main entrance way. This has been a favourite ground display for many as they enter the Airshow. Air and water pumps, turbine jets and compressors often make up part of this display.  Come and chat to the engine owners, watch their engines running, educate your children on how many of us used these engines from yesteryear. 


Details will be added nearer to the 2022 Airshow.

School Children

Children aged 0-16 are free at the Airshow on Friday 15th April 2022.   The 50th Squadron Air Cadets will be available to show you around the relevant displays. See more info here

Rides Day - Monday 18th April

Aircraft available for rides from 8.30am to 5pm. Come and ride in a Warbird, helicopter or other aircraft. 

Book rides here

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